Marcus Morgan

Award-winning Magician

Marcus Morgan

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Marcus enthrals children with his fun-packed combination of magic, games and puppetry.

His magical skills baffle adults too – winning him the “Best New Act” trophy at the South London Magic Society in 2012.

Equally at home at the party for a child’s birthday or the reception for the grown-ups’ civil partnership, he has been performing magic and comedy since he was a teenager.

With small children (under 6) his show is full of colours and simple themes. Things gently appear, disappear and change in amazing ways as he weaves a magical story with the performance.

Older children love watching so-called ‘grown ups’ get their comeuppance – and Marcus presents a masterclass in bumbling as simply everything goes wrong (until the last minute, and then there’s a surprise), to endless laughter!

Marcus is also at home performing in front of adult audiences and in 2012 won the South London Magic Society’s Newcomers Cup for his close-up magic with a spooky haunted cards routine. He can combine the two styles in one booking – for example at a wedding he can offer  close-up for the guests’ tables during the meal and then putting on a children’s show away from the speeches .

If you want something different, Marcus is happy to work with your theme and suggestions to create something personalised. In the past he has provided steampunk Punch & Judy shows for Victorian events, séances for murder mystery events, themed close-up for Equality & Diversity workshops and poker routines for gaming parties.


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