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Gazzo Show - Magician

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Gazzo’s Comedy Magic Show is one of the most popular shows he is asked to perform today. Its a highly interactive, visual, and hilarious show that leaves people gasping for air as the laughs are even too much. It doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone will have a good time at this show.

This show can be played for an audience of twenty people to a thousand people. Watch as Gazzo makes things vanish into thin air, attempts to read people’s minds, and performs some of the classics of magic that make them classics. Gazzo doesn’t need huge illusion/box props to do his show. A simple set up to an amazing show. Gazzo’s unique blend of comedy and magic will leave the audience wanting more.

1) Walk about Close up Magic: This show is best for smaller groups of people. Usually best suited for receptions, cocktail type parties, weddings or any function where people are scattered about. Gazzo goes from group to group, table to table and performs intricate sleight of hand magic. Close up magic happens right under the spectators nose. With cards, coins, and virtually any object; watch as Gazzo turns nothing into something that your clients will never forget.

This style of walk about close up magic has become very popular at events. It is the perfect ice breaker which gets people talking, involved and it creates an atmosphere that will make your event a success.

2) Beat the Cheat : This is a specially designed show that Gazzo has made for special events. Its a close up type magic show where people get to try and catch the magician in his own game. It packs small but plays well to small groups from three people to twenty. This show is about 15 minutes long, but as word spreads about Beating the Cheat at your event, people gather round the table again and the show repeats throughout the night. If you are having a private party, fundraiser, or corporate event….Beat the Cheat !

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