Cobblers the Clown

Fife's Premier Childrens Entertainer

Cobblers the Clown

Full Description

The party starts right here…Cobblers & Co┬áhave everything you need for a terrific children’s party. If your child (or grown up) has a birthday coming up soon you can start planning the party right now…

All parties are tailored to suit any budget and venue.

Children’s discos are just great for those little but older kids…All the latest hits,
a fantastic light / smoke show, and Cobblers’ entertaining games.

Our Fun Time Guarantee
I Cobblers the Clown (that’s me with the big smile), promise to be extra nice and helpful to everyone I meet. I promise to wear my best clothes, to be the best entertainer I can be, but most of all, to have as much fun as possible!

Why wait…book now, it’s easy!


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