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Chris Hare – Mind Magic

Chris Hare - Mind Magic

Full Description

The Mind Magic of Chris Hare
The Memoryman who will make your event unforgettable …
Who wouldn’t be impressed when a stranger suddenly reveals seemingly secret details … birthdays … cat’s name … dog’s names … mother-in-law’s name …
Chris Hare has a phenomenal memory. He recalls over 200 names and faces, with the briefest of introductions. His ‘Mind Magic’ skills, personality and repartee make him an increasingly popular entertainer.
There are several facets to Mind Magic. Most entertaining is the Chris Hare Hypnotic show. Participants, spectators and even sceptics enjoy this fun-filled show! Whatever your viewpoint you will be thoroughly entertained by this very special ‘Mind Magic’.
“;Fantastic”;…”;Brilliant”;…”;I’ve never seen anything like that before”;… “;Do that again!”;…
Chris Hare’s talent has taken him to Australia, New Zealand, The Canary Islands, Canary Wharf, Cyprus, Dubai, and could bring him to you.
Book early to avoid disappointment.

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