Bring the rainforest into your life - educational, informative and great fun!


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Experience the rainforest in your own home! Guy will take the children on a journey through the rainforest looking at the creatures that live there; the giant millipedes, huge cockroaches and the snakes and lizards that hunt for them.

Moving up through the trees we see the praying mantis, tree frogs and of course, the spiders (including the giant tarantula!), finally meeting some stick and leaf insects. The children will be allowed to touch some of the creatures, making it an exciting event the children will remember!

bugsnstuff was set up by Guy Tansley to give both children and adults the opportunity to have close contact with, and learn more about, the unusual creatures of the insect, amphibian and reptile world.

Based in Gateshead, the bugsnstuff workshops cover Tyne and Wear, Co. Durham, Northumberland and Wearside (other areas by arrangement).


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