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Billy Kidd Magician

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Billy Kidd brings to magic what most magicians don’t or can’t…..magic with a female twist. If you are looking for expert sleight of hand or someone that can fill a stage in front of hundreds then Billy Kidd is the one for your event. Whether your event is a corporate event, wedding, trade show, school or outdoor festival; Billy Kidd will leave your audience in absolute astonishment.

Comedy Magic Show:

A high energetic show filled with mind reading, a hilarious routine based on Houdini’s straight jacket escape, lots of audience participation and one of the oldest magic tricks in the world. The show can play in a banquet type room to a cabaret or stage setting. Watch as Billy turns paper to money, finds a card while dangling from a trapeze, or reads your mind in unexpected ways. A show for all ages designed to make you laugh and be amazed.

Close up Magic
With this type of show the magic happens in the palm of the spectators hands….literally. Walk around or sometimes known as close-up magic works best for smaller groups of people in an intimate setting. Billy’s skill with sleight of hand magic happens right before your very own eyes. The idea for a walk around show is to work for smaller groups of people at different times creating an atmosphere allowing your guests to interact with each other and have a similar experience to talk about afterwards. Whether its moving from group to group at a corporate party or from table to table at a dinner function the close-up magic that Billy provides will break the ice easily into a fun, interactive and mind boggling night out.

Festivals & Outdoor Events

Trained by world famous street magician Gazzo, Billy Kidd can take her act to any festival or outdoor event and be sure to gather a crowd and entertain. Some festivals she has performed at are Edinburgh Fringe UK, Edmonton Fringe CA, Big Cheese Fest Wales, Calgary Lilac Fest CA, Encontros Magicos Portugal, Sunset Festival Key West USA, Art Deco Miami USA, Keynsham Music fest UK, Varietegatan Sweden, Toronto Buskerfest and Lisbon Street Magic fest in Portugal.


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