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Bafflin’ Bill Cody – Magician

Bafflin' Bill Cody - Magician

Full Description

Gather ’round, children and families, and I’ll tell you about an exciting new character–the Magician BAFFLIN’ BILL CODY. I look just like I did a hundred years ago, with long hair and familiar goatee. My costume includes fringed leather jacket, matching bone breastplate and hat decorations, long barreled sixgun, with double handsful of turquoise nugget jewelry. My appearance is easily recognizable by all ages – even people from other countries know my familiar Western character. Of course I can also work in suit or tuxedo if you prefer–but why? When I’m performing onstage I can mystify the public – AT YOUR COMMAND!
MY FAMILY – CLEAN COMEDY ACT will bring live entertainment to your guests closeup at brunch, banquet, or barbecue – and ALLOW PEOPLE TO EXPERIENCE REAL MAGIC while they’re seated in the front row! As a comedy entertainer I can work I can also ENTERTAIN PEOPLE STANDING IN LINE, so if your buffet table or reception area are crowded, the patrons will have some entertainment while they’re waiting. In a restaurant I perform several 10-12 minute shows in an hour, and move among the seated audience: in a private residence I’d work in the kitchen, the living room, the backyard, or wherever people gather.

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