Walkabout Entertainment Advice

Advice For Booking Walkabout Entertainment

For the purpose of this page we are defining ‘Walkabout’ as any performance or entertainment style that takes place either whilst the entertainer is moving or the audience.The following hints and tips are provided to enable you and your guests to get the most out of the event.

Choosing Performers

There are a wide range of performers who come under this category. Everyone from close up magicians through strolling jugglers to lightning artists, could be termed a ‘walkabout ‘ performer. The aim is to get sufficient performers that your guests are constantly being amazed / entertained but not so many that it overwhelms the event. It is also preferable to choose complimentary arts so that one performer is not ignored in favor of another. Nobody wants to present mind blowing card magic next to a one man band!


It is vital to factor in all the different parts of the event before booking the venue. Walkabout performers by their very nature move about from one group of guests to another. If your guests are seated and being waited on by catering staff, friction will soon occur if they cant get access between tables etc. Space needs to be made available to let all parties do their job to the best of their abilities. It’s also worth noting that most walkabout performers prefer somewhere they can go to be ‘off stage’ in between performing. This common courtesy pays huge dividends in enthusiasm and commitment to the event.


This depends purely on what else you have planned for the event. If there is to be a sit down meal followed by speeches such as you might find at a wedding, then you may prefer the entertainers to work before the meal then take a break till the speeches etc are over. However at a corporate style function where there is no set agenda performers can continue for as long as the contract arranges. Drawing on the experience of an agent or the performers is recommended.

Key Points

*  What’s the agenda for the event?
*  Do you have a theme?
How many performers will you need & for how long?
*  Consult with the agent or performers

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