Outdoor Event Advice

Advice For Booking Outdoor Event Entertainment

This section is designed to provide an outline of the sort of things that need to be taken into consideration when booking entertainment for outdoor events.

Choosing your entertainment

The huge variety of potential events makes this an almost impossible task to discuss. Combined with this is the fact that almost any entertainment could be performed outdoors! However there are some general guidelines to make life a little easier.

What is the makeup of the audience, are you entertaining families, corporate business people or children? Are they connected in some way ie. a church group, or are they all ‘strangers’ to each other? Where a strolling band of entertainers like jugglers, magicians and mimes might be suitable for a corporate garden party they might not be so appropriate for a product launch or even a birthday celebration.

One of the key issues to decide is whether you want a ‘show’ in the sense of an audience standing or sitting watching a performer; or a more informal ‘blending’ style of entertainment. Once decided this helps to narrow your options as obviously you cant ask a rock band to stroll in and out of your guests!


Assuming that the weather is not going to cause problems, there are some styles of entertainment which can be very popular but don’t involve ‘performers’. items like bouncy castles etc are great fun for the young and even the young at heart. Whether you want to just bounce up and down or be flipped upside down and stuck to a velcro wall, manufacturers of inflatable items have the item for you. Added to this is a wide variety of fairground style games and activities. One point to remember though is that most will require the presence of someone to supervise the event. This is especially true when considering inflatables, as safety should be a constant concern.


Technical questions for outdoor events require careful consultation with those providing the entertainment. Issues such as staging, lighting or even just power supply become harder by virtue of being outside. Good access is vital both for the entertainment and the guests, and safety needs to be of the highest priority. Finally of course you need to consider the question of a back up option. What will you do if the rain begins to fall. Planning ahead can turn a disaster into a minor inconvenience!

Key Points

* Communicate with the performers
* Do you want a ‘show’ or a ‘blending’ approach?
* Is there good access to the entertainment area?
* Are the technical & safety issues dealt with?
* Prepare a back up plan!

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