Exotic & Unusual Advice

Advice For Booking Exotic & Unusual Entertainment

This section is designed to provide an outline of the sort of things that need to be taken into consideration when booking entertainment with specialist requirements.


There are many kinds of acts which could be described as exotic or unusual depending on your experience and taste. For these purposes we are using the term to describe acts which require specialist equipment or at the very least are less well known that say for instance singers or dancers. The first thing to decide is whether the act you have in mind will suit your aim for the overall feel of the event. A Mad Max character, juggling chain saws whilst riding a motorcycle is great for shock value, but may not suit the average wedding celebration. Most performers despite any ”outrageous’ stage persona, are business people. As a result they will want to help you to get the most from the event. Discussing your aims for the evening before you book is a good way to avoid disappointment and disaster!


Some acts may require an intimate atmosphere where they can display their skills close up to the audience, whilst others will need space to not only perform but also protect the audience. Specialist equipment may need to be incorporated for acts such as tight rope walking etc. All this will need time to prepare and lots of pre planning with the entertainers. Using professional event management will preempt a huge number of problems as they are able to draw on years of experience.


Having spent time and money preparing for the event it would be a waste to hide your performers away where your guests can’t see them. A suitable stage, lighting and sound system will enhance any performance. Pre show communication will determine the appropriate needs of the performers.

Key Points

* Decide upon the aim of the event
* Communicate with the performers
* Check access to the performing area, safety requirements etc.
* Can the audience see & hear the entertainment clearly?

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