Dinner Dance Entertainment Advice

Advice For Booking Dinner Dance Entertainment

This section is designed to provide an outline of the sort of things that need to be taken into consideration when booking entertainment for ‘Dinner Dance’ style events. The following hints and tips are provided to enable you and your guests to get the most out of the event.


There are essentially two main styles of entertainment available for this kind of event. The first is a ‘show’ performed on the dance floor either during the evening or at the end. The second is entertainment which is performed up close at the various tables whilst folk are resting. These two styles play a large part in the choice of venue.

For a ‘show’ to work well you will need to be able to arrange the guests in such a manner that they can all see and hear the performing area. Nothing causes frustration faster than an inability to see what’s going on. People become bored and then cause disruption to other guests.

On the other hand ‘close up’ performers can adapt more easily to oddly shaped rooms bringing the entertainment right up to the folk at the back or in the corner.
One other option might be to provide children’s entertainment for instance in a separate venue or side room.


The primary aim of the event is the deciding factor here. If folk have come to dance then no matter how good the entertainment they won’t want to be disturbed for too long. However if the dancing is just a ‘peg’ to hang the event on then it might be appropriate to do a longer show. However it is important that your guests are aware of the make up of the evening in advance to avoid disappointment.

On average a 45 minute slot is more than adequate in the middle of a three hour event, however close up performers can continue to circulate until everyone has seen the show.


This will vary hugely depending on the style of entertainment you have booked, but it’s fair to assume that there will be some common ground. Most ‘show’ style acts will need access to a sound system. Lighting will need to be considered, especially if the entertainment is breaking in to the evening, you don’t want to lose the atmosphere.

Performers are human too and somewhere to prepare and get changed is always appreciated. A relaxed performer will do a better job and your guests will have a better time as a result.

Key Points

*  What’s the Venue like?
What style of entertainment is needed?
*  Suitable time slots
*  Liaise with entertainment over technical issues

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