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Adam Night – The Comedy Hypnosis Show

Adam Night - The Comedy Hypnosis Show

Full Description

During his fully self contained show, adam invites volunteers from the audience on stage with him, hypnotises them in a matter of seconds, and then gets them performing the most outrageous and topical things. ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness induced by psychological techniques.

This is an ancient art dating back probably to the egyptians, but made commercially popular during the early days of music halls and vaudeville.

Adam uses his knowledge of these techniques to access his volunteers subconscious minds and magnify their imaginations, thus turning normal mild mannered people into total extroverts.

Remember :-

Hypnosis arouses the interest and curiosity of almost everyone, and the contents of adam’s amazing and amusing show will keep your customers, members, or guests talking for ages!.

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